Queenstown Road Riding

Spend some time on the open road with
stunning views like this around every corner!


Tour some of New Zealand’s most incredible and grandiose scenery while having bike specific transport backup and all your gear taken to comfortable accommodation at the end of each day. This region is renowned for its award-winning food and wine.  Enthusiasts will love our range of locally crafted beer at the end of a day's ride. What better way to enjoy your Queenstown road riding holiday!



The South Island of New Zealand has some of the most spectacular road riding in the world. This claim is consistently relayed to us via visiting road cyclists. Enjoy visually stunning mountain passes, lake views, lush rain forests, alpine tussock lands intertwined with vineyards, cafes, golf courses, quaint villages and the ability to mix remote experiences with the vibrant and energetic “mini city” feel which various villages and towns offer in this region. Bring your like minded road bike friends, a handful of days and we’ll create a custom itinerary to suit your tastes, creating a lifetime memory in the process. Let us join the dots and connect the pieces of the puzzle so that you can get on with having fun on your holiday.