You’ll be connecting with long time locals through The Inside Line, which is a family business.

“I cannot imagine seeking the guidance of any other operator in the area and that is saying something as there are some great resources available"



Tony “” moore

Co-founder, Tony “” Moore, has a long standing, respected local reputation with over 30 years of Mountain bike experience and also extensive experience and over 20 years of guiding and looking after visitors in this area including 4WD guiding and luxury tours.


Tony has had active involvement in the growth of Queenstown’s MTB Roots. Here from the early days, he’s been involved in trail building & maintenance, event management including MCing numerous events, promoting youth development and assisting with product development. Tony has held community liaison positions promoting the development of our local trails. He’s raced nationally and internationally representing NZ. Working as a brand ambassador and dabbling in occasional MTB journalism over the years, Tony, along with The Inside Line team, have a passion for cycling and the trails in this spectacular, unique area, which invests in and expands their extensive trail network constantly.



TSL and P Licence Holders

PHEC Trained

Adventure Mark Safety Audited

DOC Concessionaire

Certified PMBI Professional Mountain Bike Instructors

The Inside Line Ltd - NZ Registered Company 2015

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Photo  Jay French

The Inside Line, as your local Queenstown mountain bike hosts, personally engage with you and your group offering you shortcuts, insights and experience relating to local mountain bike culture and regional history, insights into the film industry (Lord of the Rings etc), gold mining history, geology, the notable personalities who have built reputations in this Wakatipu region and the other non-bike related tourist activities including recommending the best of our 150 indoor and outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants and wineries which offer cuisine to please every palate, fine dining to fun dining is covered. Nightlife is busy and vibrant with an eclectic mix of stylish bars and sophisticated clubs, Kiwi pubs and late night hot spots.



Discover this magical playground we call home—Queenstown, New Zealand

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Our backyard

Queenstown is a premier four season lake and alpine destination and is world famous for its breath taking scenery, vast range of experiences, cosmopolitan vibe and friendly local hosts. With a rapidly growing reputation as the Southern Hemisphere’s premiere bike destination offering a diverse trail network suitable for a wide range of abilities it has, among other things, one of only two gondola assisted MTB parks in the Southern Hemisphere.




The global mountain bike culture recognises Queenstown as an international destination and hotspot for escaping the Northern Hemisphere winter, giving professional riders off season training, photo shoots, film edits, events and an immersion in MTB culture year round. Bikers seek out Queenstown and it’s surrounds for a high quality MTB experience.


The Queenstown trail network and activities are growing faster than the maps, website and guide information can be distributed, linking them and chasing the ones that suit your style of riding is one of the biggest challenges to visiting such a diverse playground. It can be hard to network the large number of trails and connect the dots while making the best use of your limited time in this dramatic mountainous region.


With your personalised host from The Inside Line you’ll find your experience sequenced in a practical and achievable manner. Your package will be put together by taking the best of what’s out there and matching it to your own group’s requirements, so that you all have a more holistic experience.



Queenstown is an Alpine Environment with weather conditions changing rapidly and being on the right trails in the right sequence and season can make a difference to the quality of your experience. You’ll be networking trail options in a fluid, efficient manner to maximise use of time, engaging with relevant local experiences and adapting quickly based on seasonal weather variables and track conditions and your needs.

Engage with The Inside Line, let us know your desires, abilities and expectations along with your timeframe and budget, and we can shape, with pride, an unforgettable, inspiring experience for you in this spectacular place we love and call home.